SIMTAL offers a range of life insurance products with an advisory tool:


  • 24/7 availability
  • End-to-end process without media disruptions
  • Integrated IDD/EU-compliant consultation process with documentation
  • Online risk assessment and policy issuance
  • Complete transparency through broker and customer portal
  • Supported up-selling and cross-selling initiatives
  • Anonymous pre-queries digitally and instantly without response time
  • Swift commission allocation

The modern term life insurance:

  • Focused on the essentials
  • Top conditions
  • Quick application process
  • No doctor’s visit required
  • Immediate, worldwide insurance cover
  • Protection until the age of 70
  • Simple claims processing

The new unit linked insurance:

  • 100% of the insurance premium is invested
  • Low expense ratio results in an increased potential for high investment returns
  • Monthly savings combined with the option for initial and subsequent occasional additional payments
  • Global insurance coverage, offered at a slightly reduced rate for non-smokers
  • Concept of reaching age 100: flexibility in withdrawal planning
  • Tax deferral and half-income approach
  • Transparently managed and sustainably invested in leading ETFs


  • Up to 24 therapy sessions per case
  • Fast access to both internal and external experts in psychotherapy and psychology
  • Treatment plans tailored to individual needs and symptoms
  • Outpatient treatment, allowing patients to stay in their familiar environment
  • No long waiting periods
  • Minimal bureaucratic hurdles, such as applying through health insurance